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Welcome to Your Designer Planet! Newsletter

An Earth-Healer's Guide to Effective Interaction with the Planet

These articles, and much more, are now available in: The Geomantic Year: A Calendar of Earth-Focused Festivals that Align the Planet with the Galaxy. It shows you how to be an effective Earth-Healer virtually 365 days a year from your home or local sacred site.

The key is making a human spiritual alignment with and on behalf of the Earth on the days during the year in which it receives beneficial input and sustenance from the angelic realm, the spiritual Hierarchy, and/or the celestial world of Star-beings.

I call this schedule of alignments a Global Geomantic Liturgical Calendar.

Throughout the year the Earth is the focus of authentic spiritual influences purposefully focussed upon the planet for its benefit. Traditionally, many of these dates were understood and celebrated by peoples in different cultures. Some are familiar, such as the equinoxes and solstices, others perhaps less well known, such as Epiphany, Wesak, and Michaelmass. They are not mere artifacts of an outmoded sociology: rather, they are real moments of planetary blessing from on high focussed through prepared sacred (geomantic) sites.

While the Sun does not need human participation to make its transitions at the equinoxes and solstices, the Earth needs the human interface to ground the energy transmissions directed at it when these astronomical events occur. Or when the Christ Light is reborn on Earth at Epiphany (January 6); or when the Archangel Michael cleanses the planet at Michaelmass (September 29); or when the god Bel lights his spiritual fires around the world at Beltane (May 1).

See What's Been Happening Recently in the Earth's Light Grid - free archived
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Archived Newsletters:



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On Calendar dates (see the list below) actual events are happening in the galaxy and spiritual world with the Earth as their focus, and these events have a maximum beneficial impact on the Earth and all its organic, sentient life, including us, when humans participate in them, grounding their energies.

Welcome to Your Designer Planet! shows you how to do that, and why.

Why should we participate? Because the Earth is a living organism with many layers of physical and spiritual life - it is a designer planet whose vitality is predicated on regular human maintenance. Think of the Calendar as the planet's maintenance schedule and each of the dates as our responsibility, and opportunity. Participating in Earth-healing is fun, edifying, even illuminating.

For more on this, see the article "Taking the Earth in for Maintenance" within the Articles on Visionary Geography section of this website.

Some of the year's key geomantic events covered in the Newsletter :

  • January 4 (2006): Earth-Sun perihelion
  • January 6: Epiphany
  • January 17: Dark Grid-Antichrist Day
  • February 2: Candlemass
  • March 20: Spring Equinox, Easter
  • April 23: Wesak (variable date, 1 st Taurus full moon)
  • May 1: Beltane-May Day
  • May 12: Pentecost (50 days after equinox + 3 days)
  • June 16 (Variable): Throne Room Day
  • June 21: Summer Solstice
  • June 24: Midsummer's Eve, St. John's Tide
  • July 4: Earth-Sun aphelion
  • August 2: Lughnasa-Lammas
  • September 18: Ganesh Chaturthi
  • September 20: Autumnal Equinox
  • September 29: Michaelmass
  • October 29: Mars perihelion (2005 only)
  • November 1: Samhain-Halloween
  • December 20: Yuletide-Wild Hunt, Winter Solstice
  • December 31: New Year's Eve

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Welcome to Your Designer Planet! Features :

Global Geomantic Liturgical Calendar :

A look at the next month's "maintenance" Calendar events, what is likely to happen, who the spiritual world players are, and practical meditative techniques to help you participate from wherever you are on the planet.

Special Events :

Frequently unique events are scheduled "from above" to highlight geomantic locations, infuse new blends of energy and consciousness into the planet, or extend invitations to us to visit and meet spiritual world personages. The Newsletter gives you advance notice of these new and original events.

Research Updates :

As a designer planet, the Earth has 102+ different types of geomantic structures, all in multiple copies. New ones are still being identified by the Blue Room Consortium; our original research is continuously revealing information about the operation of the already known structures and how to interact with them. Stay current with all this through the Newsletter's monthly updates.

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See What's Been Happening Recently in the Earth's Light Grid—free archived Newsletters here

Archived Newsletters:


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