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Trainings and Consultations

The emphasis of the Blue Room Consortium is to equip people with effective, reliable, and spiritually safe methods of interacting with the Earth's visionary geography and the interconnected realms of Nature spirits, angels, and the Hierarchy so that each individual's contribution may be of maximum benefit to the planet. Introducing Light to the Earth's visionary geography, also called the Light grid, is a slow, sequential, and cumulative process, like turning up a dimmer switch in tiny increments. Human, elemental, and angelic-Hierarchical hands must simultaneously be present on the "switch" to introduce Light. The trainings get people ready to fulfill the human part of this arrangement.

No affiliation with any religious or philosophical dogma is required; the crux of the approach is empirical and emphasizes freedom, fun, amusement, and cognitive variability.

Here are some of the training programs and consultations offered in pursuance of these goals:

  • WEEKLY CLASSES. A year-long (or longer) curriculum of weekly classes (2 hours) in a series called The Grail Quest Is Fun! Introducing people to the 102+ feature nomenclature (e.g., The Holy Grail, Grail Castles, Dragons), using myth, literature, field trips, and facilitated experiences as teaching tools.
  • TRAINING INTENSIVES. Comprehensive experiential, conceptual immersions in visionary geography along with preliminary psychic development with small groups or individual students, emphasizing interaction protocols with Santa Fe and New Mexico geomantic features. Duration: introductory 1-week immersions, leading up to 3-6 months, or longer, as appropriate to interest.
  • TOURS AND FIELD TRIPS. Short and long-term immersion experiences at distant sacred sites, emphasizing protocols for spiritual interaction with the sites' esoteric or Light temple features. Sample themes: 1) Encountering the Light Temple and Celestial City at Mycenae, Greece; 2) Attuning with the Earth's Umbilicus at Avebury in Wiltshire, England; 3) Going Inside the Planet's Solar Plexus Energy Center at Uluru, Australia.
  • INTRODUCTIONS. Protocols for meeting and interacting with Nature spirits (elemental kingdom, emphasizing gnomes, fairies, sylphs, and landscape angels), various angelic orders (emphasizing the Ofanim), members of the Great White Brotherhood (Hierarchical kingdom), and friendly ETs and "aliens" (e.g., Pleiadians, Sirians) to help reinvigorate the Earth's visionary geography.
  • INITIATIONS. The Blue Room Consortium offers a unique geomantic initiation experience called the Christed Initiation in the Buddha Body. It involves a fresh experience and infusion of the Christ and Buddha consciousness in the context of sacred sites, typically over a span of 3-5 days dedicated to this. A second weeklong sequence is called Meeting the 14 Ray Masters and entails experiential encounters with 14 Ascended Masters based in Ursa Major (the Great Bear) who supervise all the activities of the Great White Brotherhood.
  • CONSULTANCIES. Clairvoyant consultancies are offered to individuals, land-owners, towns, communities, and states, regarding the geomantic disposition of their property or landscapes and any energy imbalances or psychic pollution aspects present, and their effective, permanent removal.

For bookings, appointments, or more information, contact Richard Leviton:

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