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 Information for Investors

 The Blue Room Consortium is accepting philanthropic investment. It is organizing as a non-profit corporation so those interested in supporting environmental protection and research or Earth responsibility initiatives may find this an appropriate venue. A complete Business Plan detailing investments and expenditures over 5 years is available on request.

Business Summary

The Blue Room Consortium (BRC) is being financed by a series of semi-philanthropic investments, with expectations of a long-term payback, to finance the initial research and development necessary to produce its numerous short-term services and products and several long-term projects. A five-year financial projection shows BRC generating significant income by the end of that period.

A $3 million start-up investment secures operating and research and development costs for the initial five years. This includes three BRC employees with full benefits and five work-for-hire consultants in year 1, then 1 more employee in year 3, another in year 4; five computers and software suitable for data base management and geographic mapping; leased or rented office space for this staff starting in the third year; all research, development, marketing, and advertising costs; underwriting selected products and services to make them available by the end of the first year, increasing in volume in years two-five.

The long-term quintessential product will be the Earth Demonstration Model, dubbed The Geomythic Theater™ (a visual presentation of the Earth's entire visionary geography array) available, as an interactive high density DVD format or a narrated movie with computer graphics effects.


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Blue Room Consortium is being organized as a nonprofit corporation in New Mexico. This is justified by its educational and scientific projects and will enable BRC to receive tax-exempt donations, grants, and contributions.

Operations and Administration

In its start-up phase for 1-2 years, the Blue Room Consortium physically will be a home-based company based in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Richard Leviton, its founder-director, will work from his home office space, already functioning as a research, writing, meeting, and coordination space. The initial employees or consultants will work out of their own homes and have weekly in-person meetings with Richard Leviton and daily phone and e-mail contact with him. Meeting space for workshops, talks, and trainings will be rented in Santa Fe.

Beginning in year 3, dedicated space for offices and meetings will be secured. Initially, this space will be rented or leased. Office space required will be 2,000 square feet minimum to accommodate a staff of 5(1,300 square feet) and a public meeting-classroom space (about 700 square feet).

The long-term plan calls for buying or constructing a suitable facility in Santa Fe County on the order of 4,000 to 5,000 square feet to accommodate all functions and aspects of BRC operations. This building (estimated cost: $5 million) will be funded separately and subsequently from the initial funding.


Blue Room Consortium staff includes a director, assistant director, administrative assistant-marketing manager, office manager, research model director, research assistant, software modeller, data base manager, and on a contractor-consultancy basis an astrologer, accountant, and lawyer.

For investor-based information and a copy of the Business Plan, contact Richard Leviton:

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