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Blue Room Consortium Projects and Research

The core of the research and development phase of the Blue Room Consortium is to generate a dynamic, accurate, fully documented, real-time model of the entire array of Earth's visionary geography. This involves the identification of well over 100,000 different sacred site features. Then to use this as the basis for pilgrimages, initiations, extrapolations (in weather, climate, geology, volcanism, and sociology), and the fulfillment of original research and development goals. In short, first we develop the model, then apply it creatively.

Such a model, incidentally, does not currently exist, nor has one been available for many millennia, so it will provide a unique and valuable perspective on the Earth and reveal it to be a spiritualized being and a carefully designed, purposeful habitat, just as we now are beginning to appreciate human beings to be. The Blue Room Consortium welcomes participation by experts across the disciplines, from scientists to clairvoyants to mythographers, in putting together this vast and valuable model of our home planet.

  • DVD GEOMANTIC MAP OF SACRED SITES. A commercially viable, interactive, multi-aspected computer model in DVD format to portray the Earth's vast array of sacred sites, showing both outer and inner features. For example, Stonehenge, outwardly as a stone circle, and inwardly as an array of energy and light features. You can zero in on localities, states, provinces, countries, or regions, like Europe or all of the U.S., to see which features are present and to see the overall pattern.
  • PILGRIMAGE MAPS. Large-scale maps, both flat scale and computer-modelled, of individual states, provinces, or countries, showing the array of sites, emphasizing their esoteric features (i.e., which of the 102 geomantic features are present). For example, if you're planning a pilgrimage to holy sites in Germany, the map will give sufficient information to plot an itinerary according to the desired theme, using Germany's inventory and diversity of sites.
  • LANDSCAPE STAR MAPS. Thoroughly detailed star maps of the 432 landscape zodiacs (one of the 102 features, and an especially interactive one) found around the Earth, the most famous being at Glastonbury, England. A landscape zodiac is a hologram of the galaxy overlaid on a portion of landscape, from 1/2 to 100 miles across. For purposes of group interaction, ritual, ceremony, education, and activation at these features, the star maps show where all the constellations (144 depicted in all) and their individual stars fall on the landscape.

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  • INDIVIDUAL STATE MAP DEMONSTRATIONS. The entire visionary geography plotted for individual states, starting with the myth-rich ones, such as New Mexico. They show the geomantic features and their interconnections at the numerous mythically referenced landscape sites (in New Mexico, primarily the Navajo mythic language), and demonstrate their interconnections; the maps will be available to the public as educational or pilgrimage-travel tools.
  • BOOK PUBLISHING. Selected books that emphasize the themes of the Blue Room Consortium (Earth's visionary geography, relationships among the sentient realms, lucid experiential accounts, protocols, conference proceedings).
  • NATIONAL LANDSCAPE PROFILES FOR TOURISTS. Richard Leviton has already begun a book series called The Psychic Traveler's Guides, starting with Ireland, Greece, and Native North America, weaving a travelogue that threads myths, geography, and clairvoyant perceptions of both to reveal the geomantic soul of a landscape and provide an itinerary for travelers. This series can be expanded to provide itineraries for dozens more myth-laden countries.
  • DESIGNER SPIRITUAL PILGRIMAGES. Tailor pilgrimages to specific countries, correlating the client's desires for certain types of experiences with the available geomantic features present in that landscape and correlated with one's birth chart to maximize the suitability of the timing for the trip.
  • SEARCHABLE DATA BASE. The results of past and on-going research will be collated into a searchable data base, accessible for a fee by the public. This will include dossiers on the 102+ geomantic features and their locations and function and specific sacred site profiles, history, myth, and current status.

Long-Term Research and Development

  • COMPLETE THE INVENTORY. All the world's myths, spiritual traditions, and metaphysical sources must be researched for clues as to the whereabouts of the multiple copies of the 102+ geomantic features. Clues will be clairvoyantly investigated and validated, or not, then the validated results added to the planetary inventory.
  • DEMONSTRATE MYTH=MAP. Show how the world's myths, properly decoded, are accurate psychic maps to the Earth's visionary geography. Create a lexicon of myth terms that correlate with geomantic realities.
  • PSYCHIC GAIA HYPOTHESIS. Extend James Lovelock's Gaia Hypothesis (that Earth is a self-regulating geophysiological mechanism) into the metaphysical, showing the Earth's subtle anatomy and physiology as a living, working, interactive, evolving system dependent on human and celestial input.
  • TELL EARTH'S TRUE HISTORY. The true history of the Earth is veiled by layers of distortions, misinterpretations, false leads, and suppression. Involvement by "alien" intelligences from other star systems is a factor, with both benevolent and unwholesome intent (i.e., "false gods"). Our planet's and humanity's true time line and historical sequence are not clearly understood, and thus our identity as planet and culture is also not understood. On the basis of recovering the Earth's original geomantic design, the Blue Room will similarly work toward recovering the planet's true history, removing alien-influenced distortions from the time line and the collective psyche.
  • CREATE THE COMPUTER MODEL. A geographic map modelling software system will be used or created to plot the location of the inventory. Geometric aspects of the Earth's energy body will be incorporated.
  • MATHEMATICAL MODEL. Concurrently, a parallel math-based model of the Earth's visionary geography will be generated based on already acquired key numbers and constants; research into the pre-existent presence of other math (e.g., e, phi, pi) and physical (e.g., Planck's constant, Boltzmann, Rydberg, fine structure), and astronomical constants (e.g., solar constant) in the Earth's visionary geography will be made.
  • ASTROLOGICAL-TIME DIMENSION. The astrological component of the system will be incorporated, showing real-time movements and influences on a global, regional, and local scale. Western and Vedic models will be incorporated. This will allow for precision designer pilgrimages and initiations, in which one's horoscope is coordinated with real-time astrological influences working through the system in given localities.
  • SOCIOLOGICAL INTERPRETATIONS. Show the correlations between energized geomantic features and cultural, sociological events, including large events (e.g., Quattrocentro Renaissance in Florence, Italy) and local ones, such as why certain areas or cities are cultural or spiritual meccas (e.g., Santa Fe, NM; Northampton, MA; San Francisco, CA; Lhasa, Tibet). Prepare geomantic-cultural profiles of selected cities, such as London, Paris, Rome, and others.
  • PHYSICAL-ETHERIC COORDINATES. Document the ways in which physical inputs, such as cosmic, galactic, solar radiations and events, effect the subtle or etheric energy web around the planet, weather, and the psyche.
  • FEATURE DISTRIBUTION SIGNIFICANCE. Extrapolate the significance on all levels of the distribution of the different features, e.g., the 144 Grail Castles. Consider geographic density and its relation to cultural factors; determine any mathematical significance to the feature's total function, e.g., again, 144 Grail Castles exerting an influence globally.
  • ASSESS DESIGN PARAMETERS. The distribution patterns, function, and global purpose of the 102+ geomantic features equals the design parameters for human consciousness on a material planet. Much information about the "spiritual engineering" of Earth may be extrapolated from this information.
  • EARTH DEMONSTRATION MODEL. The ultimate "product" of all Blue Room research and development is the generation of a viewable 3D model of the Earth's visionary geography featuring the 102+ features and their interconnections to illustrate the profound fact that the Earth is a designer planet.
           The best technological means to create this is not yet determined though it may include one or more of the following: a) high megabyte interactive DVD mapping and display software (fragments of this approach are already marketed in the map and viewing portions of The Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter DVDs; 2) hologram projection; 3) a movie version emphasizing computer graphics, miniatures, and other cinematic devices, viewing the entirety of the Earth's Light grid in linked portions (both thematically and geographically, such as by individual feature and function, e.g., the 72 Energy Focussing Nodes, or navels).
  • GEOMYTHIC THEATER. This is one way to generate the Earth Demonstration Model, or at least portions of it. Use the DVD format to present an interactive movie - the geomythic theater with selection menu - as an educational and entertainment means to acquaint people with the Earth's visionary geography, the tie-down of myth to landscape shown graphically with explanatory voice-over. The multi-DVD set to be called TheGeomythic Theater™.
             For example, with the Earth's 1067 dragons, tell the mythic story (and explain the geomantic reality) while the feature is being illustrated around the planet, e.g., the location of 1067 dragons shown superimposed over photos of the actual physical sites.
          Another example: plot out a landscape zodiac, with star forms translucently overlaid on the physical features, then visually tell the story of each constellation as a great Star-Angel in the galaxy (what it does in the galaxy, its relationship with Earth and humanity: e.g., Sagittarius as the higher mind repository of Light grid variations for thousands of planets).
           Third example: Show what happens to the Earth during real time spiritual world events, such as Epiphany (January 6), Candlemass (February 2), Beltain (May 1), Wesak (May full moon), Lughnasa (August 1), Samhain (November 1), Wild Hunt (December 21), and others. Show the incoming Light to the planet and its galactic source and planetary distribution through many dozens of receptor sites (specific sacred sites meant for this purpose).

Field Applications

  • CURRICULUM SUPPORT. Work with educational institutions to incorporate information about Earth's visionary geography into curricula. Work with college students exploring the ramifications of this information and suggest new subjects for theses that incorporate geomantic knowledge.
  • PUBLIC EDUCATIONAL DISPLAYS. Prepare large-scale graphic map of sacred sites and geomantic features for Santa Fe and all of New Mexico for presentation at Santa Fe's 400 th anniversary celebrations in 2010.
  • SITE INVIGORATIONS. The Earth is spiritually anemic due to long-term inattention to its energy body. Regular human interaction at and psychic cleansing of sites is much needed spiritual food for the planet as a whole. This work is perfectly suited to group work in the context of working field trips.
  • ZODIAC THEME PARK. Acquire ownership of or the exclusive use of one of the small landscape zodiacs (<3 miles diameter), and develop it into an interactive theme park based on identifying the actual, real-time locations of constellations and stars within the hologram overlaid on the landscape.
  • ACTIVATE THE EMERALD MODEM. Demonstrate how human consciousness, through the inner heart chakra, can interface with the entire planet and open the channel to the galaxy, like a modem dialing the Internet.
  • REOPEN THE STARGATE NETWORK. The Earth already has a complex system of 2 million+ stargates affording rapid transportation to other planets. This system has been mostly inoperational for many millennia, but it can be restarted.
  • EARTH WORMHOLE MATRIX. Sufficient evidence exists already justifying research into a postulated planetary wormhole rapid transit matrix for physical objects and people using key elements in the Earth's visionary geography. The application would be free, instant travel between selected points on the planet. Such a model would also reflect the galactic wormhole matrix (due to the design principle, As above, so below), thus making rapid space travel feasible.

For more information or if you'd like to be part of the research, contact Richard Leviton:

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