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Primers on Earth's Geomantic Reality Series

The Blue Room Consortium will publish a series of detailed books and booklets treating specialized geomantic themes. The publications will emphasize geomantic profiles of popular sacred site destinations or communities and effective interaction methods for them and explore the deeper issues involved with selected visionary geographic features, again with appropriate interaction protocols suggested. This series is called Primers on Earth's Geomantic Reality, and the booklets will be published at the rate of four per year; length, about 60 pages each, including illustrations and maps.

Topics in preparation include:

  • The Gods in Their Cities: Geomantic Locales of the Ray Masters and Great White Brotherhood, and How to Interact with Them (available now)
  • The Stars on the Earth: Domes and Stargates—Homes and Arrays of the Star-Gods, and How to Interact with Them
  • Profiles of the Major Star-Gods
  • Landscape Angels, from Valleys to Nations
  • The Year's Global Geomantic Liturgical Calendar, from Epiphany to the Wild Hunt.
  • A Guide to the Geomantic Reality of Sedona, Arizona; A Guide to the Geomantic Reality of Santa, Fe, New Mexico; A Guide to the Geomantic Reality of Mount Shasta, California; A Guide to the Geomantic Reality of Charlottesville, Virginia; A Guide to the Geomantic Reality of Glastonbury, England.

Excerpt from The Gods in Their Cities (©2006 Richard Leviton):

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The Gods in their CitiesIntroduction
Who runs the world? Why do myths from nearly all cultures attest to a time long ago when the gods ran affairs on Earth, usually in a benevolent manner? Why did ancient peoples speak of meeting with their gods in holy places on the surface of Earth, implying that somehow the gods lived in cities amongst them?

Perhaps even more urgently we might ask: where did all this go?

Today we find hardly any serious discussion of these questions in the mainstream media or culture. It’s considered axiomatic that such issues are artifacts from a primitive, magical (meaning fantasy-laden) earlier time on the Earth. It’s as if today the mark of education is the automatic disbelief in all this, and we are schooled in regarding “gods” as an imprecise, outmoded remnant of a mythical (i.e., undeveloped or unsophisticated) mind, no longer real or relevant.

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However, clairvoyant investigation of the planet suggests otherwise. Let’s start with the last question: it didn’t go anywhere for it is all still here around us. Ancient peoples were not deluded when they spoke of meeting with their “gods” in certain dedicated sanctuaries atop mountains, in caves, or elsewhere on the Earth. Across the planet’s surface are numerous apertures or portals into that supposedly only mythic and therefore unreal realm where the “gods” once (yet  still do) reside and which may be accessed by humans today should we wish to.

Some of these portals we now term sacred sites, holy places, and pilgrimage destinations. As the Hindu mystics rightly put it, such places are tirthas, or sacred fords across the “river” from the material to the spiritual world; or as the ancient Celts said, the land is dotted with hollow hills and sidhes (forts or palaces) in which the gods still live, awaiting their next moment in our history.

The larger context is that surrounding the physical planet and its biosphere is another layer of life, though more subtle than the material realm. This is the planet’s visionary geography, a landscape that inspires visions into its true nature, a terrain of Light. Others have termed this the planet’s Light body or Light grid, a complex, many-layered auric or subtle energy shell. I point to this with the term “Earth’s geomantic reality”; it’s a layer of implicit revelation the Earth has for us.

That true nature of the Earth’s geography comprises a variety of Light temples (structured Light spaces), exactly, it turns out, the kinds of celestial cities, residences of the gods, and opulent habitations originally reported in all the world’s myths as being the homeland of the gods on the Earth. I call this series and its view a Primer in Earth’s Geomantic Reality. The Primer refers to the introductory, summary overview provided, emphasizing practical ways to interact with it. Geomantic refers to the process of discovering and explicating this implicit global pattern. Reality refers to the new, deeper, purer, original design and truth of our planet.

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The Earth’s geomantic reality is a hologram of most of the structures and places in the spiritual world, as described in numerous myths and religious traditions, as well as a fair selection of what’s in the galaxy. I call this Light template the galaxy on Earth, and at latest count, there are 105+ different types of Light temples found in the planet’s visionary geography, and all of these have multiple copies, as if the Earth’s designers had a marvellous Xerox machine and made then positioned many duplicates of the same features all over the Earth.

The geomantic features profiled in this book are among those 105+ types.

This book describes seven types of GWB geomantic locales—Valhalla; Amaravati, or the Light City; physical cave retreats; etheric sanctuaries; Ray Master Sanctuaries; Color (or Light) Temples; and Dedicated Outposts. It offers practical suggestions on how to interact with them to benefit yourself and the local landscape. The recommended interactive exercises do not require any psychic ability, simply the ability to hold your attention (and body) steady for a while as you make and interact with a visualization.

As for the “gods,” the Spiritualism and Theosophy movements of the mid-to-late 19th century gave Western culture a new context for understanding what the old mythic gods might be. Theosophists spoke of Ascended Masters, Chiefs, and great Adepts, of a hidden though active Brotherhood of Light comprising men and women of considerable spiritual development who came and went as they wished from human form and culture to accomplish arcane deeds on behalf of humanity and the Earth and in accordance with long-range developmental plans.
Suddenly many of the activities attributed to the old mythic gods were more understandable as the feats of adepts not bounded by matter or physical bodies. Ascended Masters who occupied bodies of Light were protean, fluidic, and free, clearly working according to a plan and on humanity’s behalf.

Merely our knowing that this esoteric Brotherhood and their interactive locales across the Earth exist as a minimum leavens consciousness and culture. It starts to dissolve ingrained atheism and materialism that discredits any intermediary effect of the spiritual world or, in the extreme, discounts even its existence. Further, it can inspire hope, confidence, even certainty, that reality, and thus our planet, culture, and individual human lives, have meaning and are purposeful. It lends support to the perception that Earth is a designer planet, designed intelligently for us.
The practical application of the research reported here is that we may, should it interest us, interact with these “gods” in our present time, by using a variety of geomantic locales across the Earth specially created for this and profiled in these pages. This book will show you how we can do this, and why.

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