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 Foundational Clairvoyant Tools—Empower Your Psychic Ability

Beautiful Multi Faceted Diamond

WHAT IS IT: A curriculum of about 80 clairvoyant tools and practices taught in a one-on-one format, meaning only one student per class—just you. This enables me to carefully monitor your progress and make adjustments to your unique conditions. These tools are the foundation for developing and wielding clairvoyance as a precision tool for viewing and understanding reality and for finding effective ways to interact with the world and create the kind of personal reality you desire. Improve your health, both bodily and psychological, and empower yourself with these tools.

WHAT KIND OF TOOLS: How to ground your body and aura; how to define, manage, and clean out your aura; how to look at energies and discern their quality and intent; how to remove foreign energies from your body, aura, and chakras; how to “read” colors and understand their meaning and function; how to manage the energy flow in your chakras; how to find, clean-out, and dependably occupy your 6th chakra; how to circulate or “run” cosmic and Earth energies through your body; how to separate out the energies of family, friends, religion, government, and more, so you can have more space for your own truth. These are just a few of the tools you’ll learn.


HOW LONG DOES IT LAST: 7 classes, 2 hours each, conducted over the telephone. One class per week, although, if requested, you may do a maximum of 2 per week.

WHY DO IT: With the acceleration of changes to the Earth and in our socio-political realities and with the prospect of heightened interaction with the planet, it’s imperative we find ways to ground our bodies and energies, remain clear and focused, and be able to process emotional turmoil within and around us. Mastering the foundational clairvoyant tools is the first stage in empowering yourself to take these valuable steps towards independence and to start taking more responsibility for creating and maintaining your life the way you want it to be. It’s crucial at this time to learn dependable discernment, to tell truth from lies, reality from illusion. If you are interested in helping the Earth and learning how to interact with its spirit, Gaia, on a wakeful level and in joining the campaign with Gaia to save the planet, it’s essential you know how to ground and manage your psychic space using clairvoyant tools.

WHAT DOES IT COST: $260 per class, payable 24 hours before class time by PayPal. You may pay weekly for each class, but payment must precede the class. If you live in the U.S., you may alternatively pay by check, but it must arrive before the class.

HOW DOES IT WORK: We agree on a class time, preferably the same time on the same day for seven weeks running. This helps ground or stabilize the class for you and makes it easier for you to have its benefits. You call me at the exact time agreed, having freed your schedule for two hours of any interruptions or obligations.

RESCHEDULING: This must be done at least 24 hours before class time. Wherever possible, I recommend you make no changes in your class time; the unchallenged regularity of the classes makes it easier for you to get maximum benefits from them. Sometimes our unconscious tries to find ways to oppose or obstruct what we wish to do in our waking state; sometimes a desire to reschedule is fed by this.

WHAT QUALIFIES RICHARD LEVITON TO DO THIS: Over 9 years of professional clairvoyant training and certification and an on-going professional reading practice.

FOR INFORMATION OR BOOKINGS:For more information, call Richard Leviton, Monday-Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. MST, at: 505-466-2814. Or email Richard Leviton: or Or click the PayPal button below to register for your first class.


Buy your first class in Foundational Clairvoyant Tools with our PayPal Shopping Cart. It’s fast and secure:

1 Two-hour Tools class: $260:
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Buy the entire 7 week class series in Foundational Clairvoyant Tools with our PayPal Shopping Cart. It’s fast and secure:

7 Two-hour Tools classes: $1,820:


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