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About the Blue Room Consortium

Mission Statement

To bring all the elements of Earth's visionary geography (its terrain of sacred sites or spiritual power and Light grid) into a present time searchable knowledge base and visual presentation model to be used as the practical foundation for effective human-Earth interactions based on training and education for the uplifting and healing of both planet and humanity.

Conceptual Summary

The Blue Room Consortium shows people how we can fix the planet.
The focus is the Earth's vast array of sacred sites and the complex global pattern they create, a web of connections essential to our well-being and Earth's.

The Blue Room Consortium extends the famous Gaia Hypothesis, that Earth is a self-regulating geophysiological mechanism, into the spiritual realm, demonstrating the planet's subtle anatomy and physiology and how it sustains all life and aspects of human reality. It is the missing link in our understanding of the Earth. When we access this level of the system, we can actually heal the planet and humanity.

Knowledge of the fact of the system, its complexity, its layering and interactive mechanisms, is the foundation for effective intervention. We can effectively "fix" our planet by interacting constructively with its spiritual body.

Our approach to this is collegial, interactive, and initiatory, involving the human, elemental (Nature spirits), hierarchical, and angelic kingdoms, and the Spirit of the Earth. The staff of the Blue Room Consortium will consist of clairvoyants and scientists, scholars and researchers, with consultancies among physicists, mythologists, meteorologists, astrologers, geologists, mathematicians, folklorists, and others, to accomplish both short and long-term research goals.

The work of the Consortium will benefit individuals, communities, and the planet by providing the missing link between humanity and its planetary environment, that is, practical knowledge of the Earth's energy or spiritual body and protocols for successful, spiritually illuminating human interaction. In brief, it will disseminate techniques on how to say Hello! to our home, the planet.


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The Earth has many thousands of sacred sites, all of which have inner subtle aspects (visible, that is, to clairvoyance) in the form of Light temples and energy structures. All of these can be visited and interacted with to our edification and the planet's benefit. The inner, subtle aspects of the outer sites are of many different types: so far, about 102 distinct features have been identified, and these exist in multiple copies, in numbers ranging from three to many millions, distributed more or less uniformly across the planet.

These duplicated features are like cells in the planet's spiritual body.

Most of this information has been lost or forgotten in world culture. The Blue Room Consortium will restore this vital knowledge of geomancy to public awareness. The term geomancy means divining Earth's energy secrets, that is, understanding and refreshing the planet's visionary geography, itself a hologram of the spiritual worlds and the galaxy and all their layers and features.

This is the environmentalism behind ordinary, physical-world environmentalism, the spiritual and energetic basis of ecology. Unfortunately, very little geomantic environmentalism along these lines has happened in recent centuries, and the system - the vitality of the Earth itself - has deteriorated.

The Blue Room Consortium will show people how geomantic environmentalism can heal the planet and radically improve all aspects of planetary and human reality.

Here's how: The Earth's visionary geography has an overall pattern: it is a hologram of the galaxy and the spiritual worlds and all the stars and "structures" within them. We live in the galaxy on Earth templated through the sacred sites.

The 102+ documented different types of energy features in the Earth's visionary geography are each aspects of this celestial array, and both are also found in the human being. This exemplifies the familiar Hermetic axiom, though amended here: As above (the spiritual worlds and galaxy), so below (copied in the human), and in the middle too (found in the Earth's visionary geography). As above, so below, and in the middle too is the key to the Earth's reality, and the Blue Room Consortium will bring this vital knowledge to the public.

When we interact with the Earth's sacred sites and access their inner, Light temple aspects, we are plugging ourselves into this galactic matrix as well. We benefit through illumination and contact with a larger part of ourselves, and the Earth benefits because spiritual light and "hellos" are given to it through us.

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Many of these features are only dimly remembered today in myths by such names as Grail Castles, dragons, Cities of the Gods, the Underworld. But the myths are actually doorways into the true geomantic reality of the planet.

The totality of these many features comprise a planetary pattern or a visionary geography that is in effect the planet's aura and subtle energy body, mirroring on a larger scale what metaphysical traditions have attributed to the human. Others have called this the Anima mundi or World Soul of the planet.

The Blue Room Consortium's agenda is to thoroughly document, inventory, and map this complex planetary array of sites and their inner features to produce an interactive computerized model that exhibits the entire picture, which includes the outer, physical aspects and the inner Light temple aspects.

Further, the Blue Room Consortium will demonstrate the activity of this grand planetary system and galaxy-spiritual worlds hologram in real time, as an interactive organism living and evolving within the galaxy, and incorporating the perspectives of meteorology, astrology, climatology, astronomy, and others.

This model will be used as the basis for short and long-term training programs, publications, and initiations, workshops, sacred site tours and, designer initiation itineraries and pilgrimages. It will also serve as the foundation for extrapolating planetary changes in the areas of weather, geology, sociology, volcanism, human development, and other physical parameters, involving a consortium approach among well-trained clairvoyants and scientists.

Benefits of the Blue Room Consortium

It is fairly common now to refer to the planet as Gaia, generally understood to be at some level a goddess of the planet or its Spirit or abiding presence. Perhaps we could think of Gaia as the soul of the Earth; in this metaphor, the many thousands of sacred sites, pilgrimage destinations, and holy places all around the Earth are facets of the soul of Gaia, apertures into her secret soul life. While this may seem a metaphorical description, it has considerable reality.

The thousands of sacred sites across the Earth, with their outer and inner aspects, comprise the planet's anatomy and physiology and are directly responsible for the quality of planetary reality, the status of the ecosystem, and the general psychological and physiological well-being of humanity. In fact, at an energetic level, the overall pattern or system of Earth's visionary geography - that is, the total array, function, and impact of its terrain of sacred sites - actually creates, sustains, and nurtures our physical, material reality at all levels.

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That is, when the system is in good working trim, which today it is not. The Earth's visionary geography, or subtle anatomy and physiology, was designed to receive regular maintenance through human interaction. Very little of this has happened in recent centuries, and the system has fallen into entropy. Or like a biological organism, or an organ in a living body, it has become subject to the deterioriating effects of inattention, toxic substances, and an abusive lifestyle.

That abusive lifestyle is humanity's current way of living on the Earth.
Knowledge of the fact of the system, its complexity, its layering and interactive mechanisms, is the foundation for effective intervention. We can actually "fix" our planet by interacting constructively with its energy body.

Here is an example: one of the Earth's 102+ geomantic features is called a landscape zodiac. This is a hologram of the galaxy overlaid in varying sizes on portions of the landscape, ranging from 1/2 mile to 100 miles in diameter. The Earth has 432 of these features, essentially an interactive star map in real time.

When such a feature is in good working order, culture flourishes, psychological and physical well-being among all living systems is common, and life is great. When such a feature is neglected (as are almost all of the Earth's zodiacs), entropy sets in, spiritual darkness gains a stronger foothold, life is difficult - even in the cultural meccas, such as Santa Fe, New Mexico.
One of the prime "products" of the Blue Room Consortium's research is to develop working geomantic blueprints of the locations and specific layouts of the 432 landscape zodiacs then to use these as the basis for encouraging people living in those areas to engage constructively with these landscape energy patterns for the long-term benefit of their own community.

Think of this as the environmentalism behind ordinary, physical-world environmentalism, or as the spiritual basis for an effective ecology.

By way of analogy, over time, community interaction with a geomantic energy pattern such as a landscape zodiac is like slowly turning the dimmer switch on a bright light. Eventually the entire area is (spiritually) well lit and all aspects of life, from physical health to cultural and educational initiatives, improve under the influence of this increased light. To use a Native American image, turning the dimmer switch on a geomantic feature is like having all the Kachinas (Hopi) or Holy People (Navajo) flock back to the human settlements. While it is not provable, only suggestible, human attention back on the geomantic dimmer switch and, at whatever level this is real, the return of the Kachinas and Holy People to interaction with living humans, one likely result is an improvement in the climate and weather. In Santa Fe, this could be more rain.

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Thus the overall benefit of all the Blue Room Consortium's research and projects is to provide sufficient knowledge to the public so that the land and its geomantic features may be maintained at optimal levels for all biological life.

Potential Impact of the Blue Room Consortium

  • INFORMED ENVIRONMENTALISM. Knowledge of the anatomy and physiology of the Earth's visionary geography is essential for undertaking informed environmentalism. That is because the subtle terrain of sacred sites is the energy foundation for all physical events and organic life. Significant, lasting progress can be made in restoring environmental health by approaching it from the level at which it is most optimally energized and invigorated.
  • ENDING ALIENATION AND ATHEISM. Despite the seeming rise of interest in religions, Western humanity is still largely despairing, materialistic, alienated from life, and deeply atheistic. At best, conventional religions are fostering an adversarial relationship, with humanity pitted against the cosmos, or God, or the Anti-Christ, or so-called infidels. Knowledge that humanity, the Earth, and galaxy are inextricably linked and interactive will start to restore true faith in God, that the world is designed, purposeful, and compassionate.
  • RESPECT FOR MATTER. Western humanity is also largely alienated from matter itself, both the physical body and the physical environment. Western allopathic medicine regrettably fosters this lack of respect or understanding for matter, emphasizing its mechanistic qualities and lack of consciousness. Knowledge of the Earth' visionary geography and its inherent, pre-existent, designed-in spirituality can be an antidote for this dangerous view.
  • ANTIDOTE TO BOREDOM. Many people in the West are bored with the conditions of modern life, despite its many conveniences and advances. To many, reality has become predictable, controllable, while to others, it seems intimidating and scary. It is hard to settle, relax, or be deeply interested in things. Knowledge of the Earth's secret geomythic life and the possibilities of interacting with that adds a new, unsuspected, and exciting dimension to planetary life, especially as this new planetary reality is accessible from virtually anywhere.
  • ENRICHMENT OF SCIENCE AND ITS REPUTATION. Among non-scientists today, there is a growing disenchantment with science and the scientific method because it operates from, arguably, limited belief parameters and an implicit atheism or materialism in its operations. The cross-disciplinary approach to research and verification that the Blue Room Consortium proposes can potentially change that by adding a spiritual, deistic perspective to science and thus widening its parameters of what is the starting point for physical reality and causality. This effect can start to ripple through society leading to an enhanced status for conventional science and its way of viewing the world.
  • MORE COMPREHENSIVE SPIRITUALITY. Nearly all religions, excepting shamanism and the old pagan approaches, exclude the Earth from their practices, and school us to ignore the planet or consider it treacherous "flesh" like the body. Interactive visionary geography respiritualizes the planet for us and gives us protocols for honoring that and interacting with it daily. It gives people the option of practicing a non-dogmatic geomantic spirituality.

The Blue Room Consortium welcomes input, commentary, collegial involvement, and professional consultancies from experts in a diversity of disciplines (e.g., meteorology, climatology, astrology, mythography, mathematics, folklore, geometry, volcanism, geography, astronomy, archeoastronomy, physics, esoteric studies, ecology, Earth Mysteries, and more) to achieve the goal of building the complete planetary model.

If interested, contact Richard Leviton:

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