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Workshops and Field Trips

Learn how to interact with the Earth through your local sacred sites.

Richard Leviton offers a series of workshops called Interactive Visionary Geography: A Practical Workshop on Spiritual Geomancy. These last 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 days, or longer, depending on circumstances and interest.

They're interactive because you learn how to communicate and exchange with your local sacred sites. They're visionary because you unlock or enhance your natural ability to see across the boundary between the physical and spiritual worlds. They're geographic because the workshop experience reveals a new dimension to the landscape. They're practical because you get equipped with meditative techniques for accessing and interacting with the sites. They're spiritual because you see how your own practice and progress can now include the Earth. And they're geomantic because they put you in contact with the energies of the planet and the beautiful and rational design of its system.

The workshops show people how to interact effectively with their local sacred landscape and contribute much needed light and awareness to it. The workshops are specifically tailored to the individual geomantic features of a given locale, such as the volcanic terrain of Hawaii's Big Island, the high desert of New Mexico, the pristine naturalism of Norway's Rondane Mountains, or the myth-laden landscape of Somerset, Wiltshire, and Lincolnshire in England.

In practical terms, the workshops can be presented anywhere in the world, using the local geomantic terrain as the "raw material" for teaching.

No matter what the location, the workshop features an in-depth geomantic interpretation of the local landscape and its visionary geographic features along with interactive field trips to key sites for the purposes of contributing Light. The workshop also showcases these aspects as part of the interactive field trips and demonstrates how they fitinto the global system as functional components.

And more, the workshops show you how to contact the angelic and elemental kingdoms (Nature spirits) and use these contacts in your interactions with sacred sites. Further, you learn how to work with the entire planet and its presiding spirit, known popularly as Gaia, by interacting with the local sites.

All workshops include five elements: 1) a comprehensive overview of the Earth's visionary geography or terrain of sacred sites; 2) the acquisition of basic psychic tools to insure clearer spiritual perception, certainty, and groundedness; 3) meditations on how to interact with geomantic features at the spiritual level and how to precipitate visionary experience within this realm; 4) interactive field trips in which these techniques are applied at local sites; and 5) constant open dialogue and discussion with and among participants.


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All participants emerge from the workshop with direct experience in interacting with a sacred landscape at a level of high effectiveness and certainty. Even better, the workshops are fun, original, insightful, and supportive of individual experiences, psychic development, and the validation of perception.

What is visionary geography? The Earth has thousands of sacred, holy, and pilgrimage sites, the outer part of a global terrain referred to as the Light grid. That's because within the planet's numerous sacred sites, many of which are not yet recognized today, exists a multi-layered terrain of stars, constellations, spiritual beings, and subtle Light temples. That's the inner part, and that's what the workshops focus on. Visionary geography points to a physical landscape that inspires visions into the spiritual terrain lying just beyond the boundaries of matter. It is a living galaxy on Earth, and it's awaiting our interaction.

The program blends original information based on 22+ years of research into the Earth's sacred geography with meditative techniques that open the door to this unsuspected world. You will have direct experience of our planet's secret, galactic life and how it relates to each of us. Even better, you will see how your own spiritual practice can be part of the Earth's healing, starting today.

The workshops give participants a firsthand view and experience of this marvelous cosmic Mystery upon the Earth, and it shows how to creatively interact with this system and its energies from your local sacred site. You don't have to travel half-way around the world to encounter geomantic energies.

There is an indivisible bond between the Earth and humans, so learn how to become a valued and effective player in this vital Earth-healing work.

For bookings, contact Richard Leviton:

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with Richard Leviton
June 15 - 17, 2009, Avebury, England

View PDF for detailed information


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