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  • Lisa French and Magic Isle-Clairvoyant Center of Hawaii, offering Hawaii retreats on the Big Island, dolphin encounters, magical island adventures, and excellent clairvoyant training, including long-distance Advanced Clairvoyant and Spiritual Leadership and Teachers" Training as well as clairvoyant readings and healings. Lisa, a credentialled clairvoyant teacher for more than 20 years, is "an enthusiastic and motivated teacher who is totally inspired to assist others in finding their own answers, psychic awareness, and spiritual freedom." Contact:
  • Arnold Mindell, Ph.D., and Amy Mindell, Process Oriented Psychology. Arny Mindell is a brilliant teacher-facilitator who applies Process Oriented Psychology, a blend of Jungianism, physics, genius, and chutzpah, in the diverse areas of music, art, body symptoms work, coma, extreme states, movement, lucid dreaming, spirituality, physics, psychology, organizations, politics, worldwork, team groupwork, relationships, individual issues, and dreams. He is also the author of 14 excellent books Contact:
  • Robert Sardello, Ph.D., The School of Spiritual Psychology, with residential and teaching facilities in North Carolina. Robert is a leader and innovator in the field of soul work, along with James Hillman and Thomas Moore, and the author of 5 books. The aim of his School is to help people "develop embodied conscious soul life that is open and receptive to the spiritual worlds." Contact: and
  • Paul von Ward, independent interdisciplinary researcher, cosmologist, frontier scientist, researcher in prehistory, cultural history, and alien involvement in human origins, evolution, and history. He is the author of two excellent books that bridge leading edge scientific research with speculative insights. In his own words, Paul is the "creator of an interdisciplinary cosmology that enables systematic re-examination of conventional religious, scientific, and philosophical assumptions about the nature of reality." Contact:
  • Robert Ayres, Astrological Alchemy. Robert is an astrologer with a deep metaphysical understanding who has been preparing and reading horoscopes, transits, and progressions for 40+ years, teaching astrology as a tool for self-transformation and the fundamentals of esotericism. Visit his website for articles, current astrological forecasts, and information about getting readings and consultations in person or over the phone. Contact:
  • Hugh Newman, Psychic Children. Hugh presents current research on the Indigo Children phenomena, DNA activation, planetary grid harmonics and Earth energies, nutritional strategies for overcoming toxic overload, and new directions in human nutrition. Contact: and See also the related website on planetary healing, peace, Glastonbury, Earth energies, the Grail Fellowship, and the Celtic Avalon:

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