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Articles on Visionary Geography

Articles are available in PDF format for easy reading and downloading. You must have the FREE Adobe Acrobat reader in order to view/download these articles. If you do not have the Adobe Acrobat reader or wish to install the latest version, click here.

Sample Article Excerpts:

What Is the Earth's Light Grid?

By Richard Leviton ©2005

The Earth is surrounded by a glorious corona of structured light.

By now many people are familiar with at least the concept that surrounding the human body is a subtle cocoon of light, something like the aurora borealis worn as a cloak. This is generally called the aura or energy field or Light body. Increasingly people are having experiences of their own energy field, and progressive healers seek to improve health by interacting with a client's aura.

So how about the planet? Does the Earth also have an aura? Indeed it does. >> more


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Taking the Earth in for Maintenance

By Richard Leviton © 2005

Did you know you can help heal the Earth without any heroic-scale traveling to famous sacred sites or without leaving your town or even home? More to the point, did you, seemingly but one person on a huge planet, know you could help heal the Earth or, crucially, that it needs your contribution?

While I don't want to encourage a mechanistic way of viewing the planet, there is something to the example of a car. We know when we acquire a car, that it needs regular oil changes, lubrication of parts, and refilling of various fluids. If we neglect this, at first the car operates poorly; eventually, it quits running. The Earth is like this. It too requires regular maintenance for top performance. . >> more

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What I Like About the Supreme Being

By Richard Leviton ©2005

I never used to think much about the Supreme Being, or God, for short. It wasn't that I was an atheist. No, ever since I was a small child and read Little  Pilgrim's Progress by flashlight, flaunting parental decree to go to sleep, I knew there was a compassionate order to everything. Then I became a Buddhist and was discouraged from attributing any kind of personification to energies. Later when I started seeing angels everyday, I figured they were ample proof of God, so I needn't worry about what the Big Guy in charge was like. >> more

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