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Professional Level Clairvoyant Readings-Healings

Richard Leviton now offers clairvoyant readings-healings by telephone.

WHAT IS IT: I look at your entire personal space—physical body, subtle bodies, seven layers of the aura, chakras, past life archives—to see the energetic roots of a current problem. This is the “diagnostic” or reading part. Then I remove the irritants, dissolve the obstructions, eliminate energy obstructions or cords, to allow more of you to enter your own personal space. This is the healing part.

WHAT KINDS OF PROBLEMS: Health, psychological, career, love, life. No room to move in family situations? Treated like a loser or victim at work? Burdened by a psychiatric label? Can’t figure out why your life isn’t working the way you want? Why relationships keep hitting a brick wall? Need to get free of a religion, atheism, uncertainty, or a charismatic spirituality? Want to know the specific purpose and “mission” of your life? Communicate with your Higher Self or the Supreme Being? See the long view of this life and others before it? I cover these and more.

HOW LONG DOES IT LAST: Typically, two hours on the telephone, depending on what questions and topics you bring to it.

WHY DO IT: You gain more freedom, seniority, amusement, certainty, validation, success, havingness (the ability to actually have what you want), and fluidity in your space and thus in your life. Problems that seem intractable suddenly dissolve. Where you thought you had no room to move, you now have lots of free room.

WHAT DOES IT COST: $330 for two hours. The fee is payable in advance of the reading, by check or PayPal. Cancellations must be made two days before the scheduled reading.

HOW DOES IT WORK: You book a time, show up on time, phone me. Bring some questions or concerns and I look at them and see what can be changed. Set aside the time so you will not be disturbed or required to do anything else.

WHAT QUALIFIES RICHARD LEVITON TO DO THIS: Over 8  years of professional clairvoyant training and directed “field” experience and graduation from the Spiritual Leadership program of the Clairvoyant Center of Hawaii.

FOR INFORMATION OR BOOKINGS: Richard Leviton, or ; or call, 505-466-2814 (during business hours, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Mountain Standard Time).

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2 hour reading - $330


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